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As reports reach Malacañang, government to look at fake PCR test results along regional boundaries

Government to look into fake PCR results for travelers

MANILA – Deputy Chief Implementer of the National Action Plan Secretary Vince Dizon said they have already received reports of falsified or fake PCR test results being presented by passengers aboard vans or Asian utility vehicles (AUVs) plying the Metro Manila – Bicol Route.

“We have already reported the same to the Department of Transportation to watch out for these private vehicles and we will look into the matter seriously. We should be able to stop all these and prevent enterprising private vehicle owners from exploiting commuters during this pandemic,” Secretary Dizon said.

He added they have already talked with the Department of Health (DOH) to make representations with laboratories doing OCR tests to come up with standardized laboratory results that could easily be vetted by persons manning checkpoints at provincial or regional boundaries, such as Del Gallego in Camarines Sur as well as other checkpoints nationwide.

“This would be challenging but we will do our best to accomplish this to prevent the spread of the pandemic across regions,” he added. Secretary Dizon said those caught red handed in the manufacture of fake PCR tests will be meted the full force of existing laws.

Asked further if allowing public transport to ply the Manila-Bicol route regularly would curb the malpractice of presenting fake PCR results, both Secretary Roque and Secretary Dizon said it will have to be discussed by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) at the soonest possible time

Deputy Chief Implementer and Testing Czar Secretary Vince Dizon (Screen grab from Malacanang Press Briefing May 25,2921/RTVM/PCOO.PTV4/Melo M. Acuna)

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