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Catholic faithful urged to support signature campaign vs "E-bingo" stalls in Baguio and Benguet

Diocese of Baguio condemns moves to allow electronic gambling

MANILA – The Diocese of Baguio expressed concern and indignation over reports of certain city councilors are moving for more bingo stalls.

In a statement signed by Bishop Victor B. Bendico, he said previous prelates, Bishops Ernesto Salgado and Carlito Cenzon, CICM, have opposed the gambling activities made legal by government officials,

“We are downhearted and frustrated to know that ‘E-bingo’ and other forms of gambling still exist in our support to be peaceful city,” Bishop Bendico said. The proposal came at a time “while people are anxious and downcast due to the crisis brought about by COVID-19, we are being faced with another degrading and troublesome news.”

Quoting the late Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Valero Cruz, a staunch anti-gambling crusader, who said gambling is addictive as drugs.

“He continues to remind us that ‘gambling is a vice and a vice means it is a habitual doing of what is evil, of what is wrong,’” the prelate said.

Bishop Bendico said the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Baguio, “strongly oppose the proposal to have more bingo stalls in the City of Baguio to include the Province of Benguet.”

The Diocese of Baguio has extended its support to sectors opposed to gambling, particularly to the proposal of RCC Global Entertainment, Inc. to operate electronic and traditional bingo and other games.

“We cannot be proud to say that the City of Baguio is a peaceful city if there is havoc in many families due to the gambling activities approved by people who were elected to take care of the common good of the electoral populace,” the statement added.

Bishop Bendico called on the faithful to promote the signature campaign against gambling.

“Let us continue to act and to fight against gambling that destroys life, wreaks havoc on communities, and promotes greed and addition,” he concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

Baguio Bishop Victor B. Bendico. (CBCP File Photo)

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