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Country's foremost sinologist dies of suspected COVID-19-related illnessFormer UP Asian Studies Dean

Former UP Asian Studies Dean Aileen S. P. Baviera succumbs to alleged COVID-19-related disease

MANILA - The former Dean of Asian Studies of the University of the Philippines Dr. Aileen San Pablo Baviera passed away at age 61 this morning at the government-run San Lazaro Hospital. She has been confined to the hospital for severe pneumonia.

She and her relatives were still awaiting the official results to know if she suffered from COVID-19. She travelled to Paris, France recently to attend an academic forum and it was believed she caught the virus abroad.

The University of the Philippines-Diliman Facebook page described her as “one of the country’s foremost sinologists.”

A long-time colleague and batchmate Francisco Pancho Lara said Dr. Baviera was respected among scholars both here and abroad.

Dr. Baviera was President of the Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress, an association of Political Science scholars, co-founder and past president of the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies (PACS).

She was a frequent resource person for Wednesday Roundtable @ Lido and a sought-after expert by China Central Television over the past years. Her husband Jorge passed away two years ago due to heart attack. Dr. Baviera left behind two daughters and a son. (Melo Acuña)

Dr. Aileen San Pablo Baviera. (File Photo/Melo M. Acuna

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