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Cross-border travel eased effective today

China eases cross-border travel restrictions

MANILA – The Chinese government said the cross border travel will be easier beginning today for visa applicants inoculated with Chinese COVID-19 vaccines.

In a statement released by the Chinese Embassy in Manila, applicants including family members traveling to China for necessary production and business activities could prepare and submit applications according to requirements prior to the pandemic.

The scope of visa applicants for emergency humanitarian needs would also be expanded as foreign family members of Chinese nations and foreign nationals with Chinese permanent resident permit, including their spouse, children, parents, children and other dependent close relatives (siblings, grandparents and grandchildren), traveling to China for family reunion, family supporting, family visit, funeral or relatives or visiting relatives in critical medical condition.

Holders of a valid APEC Business Travel Card could apply for M visa with an invitation from the inviting entity will also be accommodated.

The Chinese Embassy said they will pay attention to the vaccination progress and the relevant arrangements regarding the issuance of COVID-19 vaccination certificates in the Philippines as the Embassy assured everyone of keeping close contacts with relevant Philippine authorities on establishing a mechanism to verify vaccination certificates and discussing a mutual recognition mechanism for international travel certificates, facilitate health, safe and orderly bilateral personnel exchanges.

There will be advisories regarding the requirements for visa applications and vaccination certificates and the specific dates for the acceptable of visa appointments.

Passengers bound for China will be required to provide negative certificates of nucleic acid tests and IgM antibody tests before boarding their flights. Upon entry into China, the travelers are expected tro comply with the quarantine requirements. (MELO M. ACUÑA)

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