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DFA prepares to repatriate 130 Filipinos in Afghanistan

Filipinos in Afghanistan up for mandatory repatriation/evacuation

MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs raised the Alert Level in Afghanistan to 4 which calls for mandatory repatriation.

In its latest bulletin released just over an hour ago, the DFA said they have issued Alert Level 4 for the whole of the conflict-laden country.

The DFA said Alert Level 4 is raised when there is large-scale internal conflict or full-blown external attack. The Philippine government will undertake the mandatory evacuation of all Filipinos in the area.

Today, there are 130 Filipinos reported working in Afghanistan.

The Philippine Embassy in Pakistan has jurisdiction over Afghanistan and has close coordination with the home office in Manila on the repatriation of Filipino nationals in the area.

Filipinos have been advised to call +923335244762 or use Messenger or Facebook or and email via (Melo M. Acuña)

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