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Group says RP terminated VFA, should also scrap RP-Japan Defense agreement

Lila Pilipina supports VFA termination, calls for end to RP-Japan Defense agreement

MANILA – A progressive women’s group, Lila Pilipina – an organization of Filipino victims of Japanese wartime military sexual slavery, expressed support for the termination of the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States of America.

They also called for a similar termination of the RP-Japan Defense Memorandum signed by the Japanese Ministry of Defense and the Department of National Defense of the Philippines in 2015.

Speaking at the weekly Tapatan sa Aristocrat public affairs forum, Sharon Cabusao-Silva, Lila Pilipina coordinator, she said this is an appropriate time for the Philippines to adopt “a truly independent foreign policy” which does not kowtow to any foreign power, whether US, China, Russia or Japan.

“What’s needed is a policy that primarily relies on building our own external defense capabilities and strengthening ties with other small nations who are similarly situation as the Philippines,” she added.

She explained Japan’s continued refusal to render justice to victims of its wartime atrocities, particular the Filipino “comfort women” is enough compelling reason for President Rodrigo Duterte to likewise terminate the agreement.

“it is both a matter of justice for the victims and of national honor,” Cabusao further explained. (Melo M. Acuña)

Sharon Cabusao-Silva (second from right) lauded President Duterte's decision to scrap the VFA but also called for the termination of the RP-Japan Defense agreement. Others in photo are Teresita Ang-See (extreme left), 89-year-old Estelita Dy (second from left) and former NAPC Convenor and Gabriela Party List Rep. Liza Maza. (Melo M. Acuña)

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