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Marawi residents waiting for rehabilitation and compensation

Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch asks: Anyare na?

MANILA – An independent multi-stakeholder dialogue group which gathered skills and professions to help in the reconstruction process in war-torn Marawi City known as Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch continues to ask the Duterte Administration of its plans to bring the awaited development after over three years since the ISIL-inspired armed band launched the bloody attack.

In a statement, they said President Duterte talked of plans for national recovery and resilience for all Filipinos but failed to address the concerns the Maranaos raised long before the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis it brought with it.

“He proposed to launch a more vigorous Balik-Probinsya program and the creation of new economic zones. Well how about a Balik-Marawi program to deter deaths and disease in the refugee camps and to stem the rise of violent extremists that have tapped into local discontent?” the group asked.

MRCW said President Duterte called on Congress to prioritize the recovery of the economy through financial subsidies, earlier loans and rental reforms but failed to mention his long-delayed promise of compensation to stimulate the economy in an area ravaged by war and destitution.

“When will you direct Congress to prioritize the Marawi Compensation Bill?” they asked.

The group said they are one with all Filipinos in hoping for the early release from the health and economic crisis these days. However, they asked how could they trust the chief executive’s words or believe in his promises when he has not “honored” his promises to the affected residents of Marawi City. (Melo M. Acuña)

A snapshot taken in Marawi City on August 1,2019. (Melo M. Acuna)

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