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Navotas City up for 14-day lockdown

Navotas City to implement 14-day lockdown

MANILA – Navotas City Mayor Tobias Tiangco said when quarantine measures eased, the numbers of people afflicted with COVID-19 rose. He said they have 981 COVID-19 positive cases.

Mayor Tiangco said with the growing number of patients, their community isolation facilities have been filled up and they had to send patients to “We Heal As One Centres.” He also noticed hospitals in other areas of Metro Manila may soon reach full capacity.

The lockdown will last for 14 days, from 5:00 A.M. of Thursday, July 16 to 11:59 P.M., Wednesday, July 29,2020

“With the lockdown in place, we will be able to stem to increase in cases within the city,” Mayor Tiangco said in a statement. Limited movement would delay the spread of the deadly virus.

Residents will have designated days to purchase their food supplies, medicines and other basic needs. Only those with home quarantine passes will be allowed to leave their homes. Face masks will also be a requirement.

According to the Mayor’s office, residents from SRV, NBBS Kaunlaran, Bangkilasi, Navotas East, Sipac-Almacen, Daanghari, Tangos North and Tanza 1 will be allowed out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while residents from NBBS Proper, NBBS Dagat-Dagatan, NBBN, BBN, Navotas West, San Jose, San Roque, Tangos South and Tanza 2 will be allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Nobody is allowed to go out on Sundays because cleaning and disinfection will be implemented city-wide.

Markets, wet markets and groceries will remain open from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M., liquor ban will remain, senior citizens and youth below 21 years of age will be barred from leaving home unless during emergency situations.

Mass gatherings will be prohibited. Wakes will not be allowed beyond three days and if the deceased has not been afflicted with COVID-19, only ten persons, immediate family members will be allowed during the funeral.

Delivery of basic goods will be allowed. Food deliveries will be allowed provided the food will be prepared inside the city. Food deliveries from other parts of Metro Manila are discouraged.

Private vehicles will only be allowed to pass the city through C-4, North Bay Blvd., C-3, Lapu-lapu Avenue and R-10. Only residents and workers working in Navotas City will be allowed into the city.

Residents working outside the city will be allowed to leave provided they should their company identification cars or certificates of employment. Residents with scheduled travel should be able to present their tickets, itinerary while those with medical emergencies will also be allowed to leave the city.

Front liners, essential workers will also be allowed out of their homes. Aside from wearing face masks, residents should also be conscious of physical distancing and regular handwashing.

Mayor Tobias Reynald M. Tiangco. (Navotas City Website photo)

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