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Regular assessment of LGUs' response to COVID-19 emergencies assured

Local government units’ response to COVID-19 emergencies assured

MANILA – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque today said the national government has standard operating procedures on local governments’ response for COVID-19 related needs.

“There are guidelines we strictly follow including standards to assure LGUs efficiency and capability to address citizens’ who turn out positive of COVID-19 within 24 hours. We also look into their capability to isolate them soonest,” Secretary Roque said when asked of templates to check on the response mechanism employed by different local government units.

He added they regularly evaluate the LGUs’ performance. While the reports are not publicized, they discuss the details among themselves with the concerned local government units.

Secretary Roque assured the general public of their own monitoring by way of questionnaires.

This was raised as reports have reached this writer certain LGUs have played favoritism and has allowed petty partisan politics to get in the way of immediate response to COVID-19 positive residents. (Melo M. Acuña)

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque. (Screengrab from Malacanang Press Briefing, June. 20,2021/PCOO/RTVM/PTV4)

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