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Repatriation of Filipino workers continue

Repatriated seafarers now over 20,000

MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs said the number of repatriated seafarers since COVID-19 pandemic shook the Cruise and Hospitality industry last March breached 20,000 as of yesterday as 610 seafarers took chartered flights from London. The seafarers have been repatriated as the Cruise and Hospitality industry took a beating from the global pandemic.

The repatriated seafarers were from MV Queen Mary 2. They were met by DFA officials, Singa Ship Management Philippines, Inc. Career Philippines Ship Management, Inc. and Magsasay Maritime Corporation, the local manning agencies of Queen Mary 2. They returned through the cooperation of the MV Mary Queen 2 and the Philippine Embassy in London.

In another development, 13 Filipino seafarers from MSC Magnifica returned to Manila yesterday from Madrid, Spain yesterday. Their repatriation was made possible with the assistance of the management of MSC Magnifica and the Philippine Embassy in Madrid, Spain.

Late Saturday night, 337 seafarers from Costa Cruises composed of 241 crew members of Costa Diadema 7, 47 crewmen from Cosca Luminosa and 49 others from Costa Smeralda. The seafarers returned safely after the management of Costa Cruises and the Philippine Consulate General in Milan, Italy.

In another related development, the DFA welcomed the sixth and last batch of repatriates composed of 38 Filipino missionaries from the Church of Latter-day Saints who arrived shortly before midnight last night.

It was learned the missionaries were stranded in Cotê d’Ivoire, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Close coordination between the religious organization and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The missionaries will observe the 14-day quarantine protocol, according to the DFA. (Melo M. Acuña)

Department of Foreign Affairs personnel welcoming Filipino workers repatriated from different countries have been common sight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport since COVID-19 pandemic began last March. (DFA Photo)

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