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State of Calamity to prevail until September 12,2021

President Duterte extends State of Calamity to September 12,2021

MANILA – The Office of the President today released Proclamation No. 1021 which extends the period of State of Calamity in the entire country due to the COVID-19 until September 12,2021.

It has extended the provisions of Proclamation No. 929 issued this year which he signed last March 16, 2020 declaring the entire Philippines under a State of Calamity for a period of six months due to the Corona Virus Disease 2019.

President Duterte said the joint efforts of the government and the public achieved significant strides in enhancing and improving the country’s capability to implement measures to contain the pandemic.

He added the number of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths continue to rise despite the efforts and interventions to contain the contagion.

The latest proclamation will afford the National Government and local government units (LGUs), ample latitude to continue utilizing appropriate funds, including the Quick Response Fund, in their disaster preparedness and response efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19, monitor and control prices of basic necessities and prime commonidites and provide basic services to affected citizens.

He declared the State of Calamity through the country from September 13, 2020 to September 12,2021 “unless earlier lifted or extended as circumstances may warrant.”

The proclamation mandates all government agencies and LGUs to continue extending assistance to and cooperate with each other and mobilize the necessary resources to undertake critical, urgent, and appropriate disaster response aid and measures in a timely manner to curtail and eliminate the threat of COVID-19.

He directed all law enforcement agencies, with the necessary support from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to continue undertaking all necessary measures to ensure peace and order in aff

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