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Additional COVID-19 cases reported

COVID-19 cases now at 326,833

MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) today said a total of 2,093 confirmed cases have been reported marking an increase of 0.64% from yesterday’s cases.

According to the statement, of the 2,093 reported cases today, 1,741 or 83% took place within the recent two weeks or from September 223 to October 6,2020.

The total active cases reached 47,655 or 14.58% of the total cases with a marked increase of 4.05% from yesterday.

The seven-day growth remains at 0.79% based on the past seven days and the doubling time is about 88.35 days.

The top five sources of the latest cases are National Capital Region with 557, Cavite with 253, Iloilo with 166, Bulacan with 124 and Batangas with 118.

The Department of Health disclosed 209 new recoveries for a total of 273,313 or 83.62% recovery rate with 19 cases corrected.

There were 25 new deaths recorded for a total of 5,865 or 1.8% case fatality. According to the report, from the 25 fatalities, nine occurred in October or 36%, 15 in September or 60% and 1 in August for 4%.

The deaths were from the National Capital Region with 9 or 36%, Region 4A with 6 or 24%, CARAGA with 3 or 12%, Regions 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 and BARRM with one each or 4% per region.

The DOH said as of yesterday, October 5, 3,711,021 individuals have been tested or an additional of 35,083 from the previous day. (Melo M. Acuña)

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