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Allianz PNB Life taps Reach 52 for innovative program

Allianz Kaagapay launched; seen to promote inclusivity in insurance

MANILA – Allianz PNB Life tapped award-winning social enterprise Reach52 to rural communities through a new corporate social responsibility project dubbed Allianz Kaagapay.

“Most of those who do not have insurance are from the most vulnerable areas of the country. Through our partnership with Reach 52, we aim to provide these communities the protection the need during these challenging times,” said Alexander Grenz, Allianz PNB Life President and CEO.

Reach 52, founded in 2016, provides screening, health worker training, affordable medicines, insurance, diagnostics and consumer health products in the rural areas where existing services fail to reach. They establish health systems and services, powered by mobile apps and tech platforms, a community-based workforce, and partnerships with both public and private sectors.

Through Allianz Kaagapay, Reach52 will be providing P25,000 worth of life insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage to its members for every purchase of of Allianz Well! Insurance product from August 1 to December 20,2020. Members form Pototan and Cuartero, Iloilo will be the first beneficiaries of the insurance package.

“Our members are essential in our goal of extending primary care of the 52% of the world’s population who still lack access to essential health services. They are our access managers, the ones who help us fill the gap in the healthcare system in rural communities. We thank Allianz PNB Life for providing this support to our members,” said Edward Booty, founder and CEO of Reach52.

In a statement, it was learned Allianz Well! Is Alliance PNB Life’s health insurance product that has a yearly plan limit of up to P100 million. It covers COVID-19 hospitalization and ICU expenses up to the plan limit to support PhilHealth and HMO coverages. The coverage includes access to expert medical advice, 24/7 tele-consultation, health screening, dental services, physical activity programs and nutrition counseling. (Melo M. Acuña)

Allianz PNB Life's President and CEO Alexander Grenz (left) and Reach52's Founder and CEO Edward Booty (right). (Photos from Eggshell)

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