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Bishop condemns Monday afternoon killings

Bishop Abarquez condemns killing of Calbayog City Mayor Aquino

MANILA – Calbayog Bishop Isabelo Caiban Abarquez condemned in strongest terms the murder of Mayor Ronald Aquino, his driver and bodyguard yesterday afternoon.

In a statement released today, the 61-year-old prelate said the taking of human life and inflicting injury and suffering on anyone “whether as an act of aggression or to sow fears in the hearts and lives of the people can never be justified.”

He said the Diocese of Calbayog, established in 1910, does not tolerate any form of repression “especially through extra judicial killings.” He underscored the right to life is a gift for everyone and nobody has the right to take it.

“The wheel of justice is the proper venue for resolution of any case,” he added.

He called on the authorities to do an exhaustive yet speedy investigation on the killing and bright the responsible persons into the bar of justice.

Bishop Abarquez said they share the grief of the slain city mayor’s family and those of the other victims. He added they also offer condolences and prayers for the souls of the fatalities and comfort to the bereaved families.

Media reports disclosed Mayor Aquino and his companions were killed in an ambush at 5:00 P.M. yesterday. Rappler reported Calbayog City Public Information Office’s official Facebook page confirmed the local executive’s death. A report from Philippine Star disclosed the fatalities were inside a van in Barangay Lonoy in Calbayog when the ambush took place. The assailants were reportedly riding in motorcycles.

During the midterm polls in 2019, at least four of Aquino’s supporters were killed in another ambush in the city. (Melo M. Acuña)

Calbayog Bishop Isabelo C. Abarquez. (CBCP News file photo)

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