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China-Philippines bridges to begins construction mid-2021

China-financed bridges for Metro Manila up for implementation

MANILA – The commercial contracts for the construction of the Three Priority Bridges over Pasig-Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway has been signed recently.

The Chinese Embassy in Manila said the Three Priority Bridges Project amounts to US$240 million in a government-to-government cooperation between China and the Philippines utilizing the Chinese financing facility.

The project is part of the Twelve Priority Bridges under the Pasig-Marikina Rover and Manggahan Floodway Bridges Construction plan to improve the road network and increase the transportation capacity in Metro Manila. The China-granted Binondo-Intramuros and Estrella-Pantaleon bridges across the Pasig River are key components of the Twelve Priority Bridges Project.

The first bridge under the Three Priority Bridges is the North and South Harbor bridge in the Port of Manila. It is designed to be a two-way four-lane bridge with the main bridge’s length of 300 meters and a total length of 799 meters. The implementation period is estimated 40 months. Once completed, the facility will accommodate more than 5,800 vehicles every day.

The second bridge is the Eastbank-Westbank Bridge connecting Pasig City and Cainta City over the Manggahan floodway. It is a two-way four-lane bridge which is 933 meters long with a 258-meter main bridge. It is expected to carry more than 18,000 vehicles per day. Its construction will last 36 months.

The third bridge is the Palanca-Villegas bridge across the Pasig River in Manila. It is a two-way two-lane bridge with a length of 100 meters while its total length is 225 meters. It will be constructed within a 26-month period and would carry about 2,900 vehicles daily.

Both the Philippines and China, according to the statement, are now working on the loan agreement negotiation and the construction is expected to begin during the first half of 2021. (Melo M. Acuña)

Artists perspectives of the Three Bridges worth US$

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