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Chinese companies recognized for COVID-19 response

Chinese companies in the Philippines honored for COVID-19 response

MANILA – Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian handed awards to various Chinese companies in the Philippines for their outstanding response to the COVId-19 pandemic.

Launched last August, “My Anti Covid019 Story” highlights the achievements made by Chinese companies. The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and the Chinese Enterprises Philippines Association invited all companies in the country to share their stories and experiences during the pandemic. They were required to tell their stories how they felt, how they acted, the challenges they faced and their response as well as the corporate social responsibility.

Twenty-three companies in the country submitted 45 articles recounting their experience in different platforms, from essays, to videos and poems among others. There were two categories for the contest, based on their commitment to the local society during the pandemic. Six enterprises were presented with the “2020 Award for Best Enterprises with Social Responsibilities.: Based on originality, creativity and media promotion values of the stories. Six persons and enterprises were accorded the awards for excellence.

In a statement from the Chinese Embassy in Manila, it was learned since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chinese companies strengthen protection to ensure the safety of Filipino and Chinese employees, they also donated cash and supplies as well as made active contributions to the to the Philippine government’s anti-pandemic response.

About 10 million medical items from medical masks, protective suits, gloves and googles were donated by Chinese companies to local communities. During the tight quarantine, Chinese companies in the basaic services including telecommunications, power and banks, have manifested their strong commitment to their duties.

Strengthening protection and requiring employees to man their posts, they guaranteed the essential basic services for local residents. They also sent supplies to frontline workers, provided financial support for the local families, organized various activities and training programs and helping the employees cope with the stress and anxiety.

They have made major achievements as soon as the lockdown has been lifted and contributed to the economic recovery of the host country.Most of them are operating in 80% capacity.The total value of newly-signed projects of the Chinese enterprises in the Philippines amount to US$3.7 billion with an increase of 26.5%. (Melo M. Acuna)

Ambassador Huang Xilian confers awards on outstanding Chinese companies for their response to COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines. (Chinese Embassy photos)

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