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Chinese vaccines safe; no adverse reports

Chinese vaccines given to over 40 million citizens

MANILA – Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Santiago Sta. Romana said Chinese made vaccines from SinoVac and SinoPharm have been given to at least 40 million nationals as of last week.

Speaking at the midday briefing hosted by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, Ambassador Sta. Romana said the figures could have reached 50 million had it not been for the celebration of the Chinese New Year over the weekend.

“They average 1.5 to 1.7 million jabs a day,” he said. He explained there were hardly any report of adverse effects or deaths attributed to the vaccines.

“The first recipients were people considered in high-risk conditions, those working in hospitals such as doctors, nurses and the like including personnel in airports because they are exposed to arriving Chinese or foreign nationals from abroad,” he said.

Including in the priority list are those working in land transport and hotel services, Chinese personnel leaving the country for work or studies.

“Foreign nationals and diplomats have not been included in the priority list although there were a number of Filipinos who have been vaccinated. I met one last month working in a hospital owned by both Filipinos and Chinese nationals,” Ambassador Sta. Romana explained.

He said there have been no significant side effects.

Speaking of the Chinese-made vaccines due to arrive in Manila, Ambassador Sta. Romana said SinoPharm was given general approval by health authorities while SinoVac are expected to reserve their approval this month.

“SinoPharm vaccines have been given Emergency Use Approval (EUA) while SinoVacc are expected to be approved this week,” said Ambassador Sta. Romana.

He said some 46 million doses have been exported to and used in Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil.

“The vaccine donation will be coming. Had it not been for the celebration of the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, the vaccines could have been delivered on time,” Mr. Sta. Romana added. (Melo M. Acuña)

Philippine Ambassador to Beijing Jose Santiago Sta. Romana (File Photo/Melo M. Acuna)

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