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COVID-19 cases continue to rise

COVID-19 cases now over 245k

MANILA – Reports from 105 out of 117 current operational laboratories nationwide revealed 3,176 new confirmed COVID-19 cases which brought the total number to 245,143.

There were also 376 recoveries for a total of 185,543 since the pandemic began to show its impact on the Philippines.

Eight laboratories failed to submit their test results on time and were identified as Cagayan Valley Medical Center, Green City Medical Center, Calamba Medical Center, Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center, Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, The Doctors’ Hospital, Inc., Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital, Butuan Medical Center (GX), Amosup Seamen’s Hospital, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, QC, Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory and Safeguard DNA Diagnostics.

According to the DOH, from the 3,176 cases today, 2,793 or 88% occurred within the recent 14 days (August 29 to September 9,2020). The top areas where cases remained high during the recent two weeks were NCR with 1,142 cases or 41%, Region IV-A with 730 or 26%, and Region III with 238 or 9%.

From the 70 deaths, 49 took place in September or 70%, 10 in August or 14%, 7 in July or 10%, 3 in June or 4% and 1 in April or 1%.

Thirty-six deaths or 51% came from the National Capital Region, 8 from CALABARZON or 11%, 6 from Central Luzon or 9%, Region XII with 4 or 6%, Region 6 with 4 or 4%, Region 9 with 3 or 4%, Region 2 with 2 or 3%, Region 5 with 2 or 3%, Region 7 with 2 or 3%, BARMM with 2 or 3%, Region 11 with 1 or 1% and Region IB-B with 1 or 1%.

It was reported there were 20 duplicates that were removed from the local case count. From the figures, nine recovered cases have been removed. There were two cases that were previously reported as recovered as recovered. However, after final evaluation, they were deaths.

At the Department of Foreign Affairs, there were 49 new recoveries in Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. There were 15 new cases with no fatalities recorded in the Americas and the Middle East.

According to the DFA statement, the total DOIH IHR verified cases increased at 2,013 with nine new verified cases in Asia and the Pacific. The total number of countries and regions with confirmed cases among Filipinos remain at 74. (Melo M. Acuña)

Department of Health Main Building. (Melo Acuna File Photo)

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