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Cybersecurity a must for governments and private business

Palo Alto Networks say the Philippines is now seeing the importance of cybersecurity

MANILA – An executive from Palo Alto Networks, Sean Duca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific and Japan said their primary concern is protecting the privacy of both governments and the private sector.

Speaking at a virtual media briefing, Mr. Duca said their outfit can protect their clients’ information whether “sitting on premise or even in public cloud.”

“It is all about ensuring we can prevent something we already know about and anything we don’t know about, we can basically quickly turn that around and provide self-protection,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Oscar Visaya, Palo Alto Network Philippines’ country manager said the country is in a “journey when it comes to cyber security education.”

He said they are helping entities with the basics, to assess where a company or office is in security maturity as well as assessing the security risks involved.

“If we don’t do that, we wouldn’t have an intelligent decision on what solutions you may need to purchase or deploy in your environment,” he further explained.

Mr. Visaya said Palo Alto Networks can protect government and private assets as they ensure the “privacy of organizations.” He said they welcome the opportunity to work with both government agencies and private organizations.

During the same event, Mr. Duca revealed there are four major cybersecurity trends that businesses need to consider to keep their phase in transforming their operations to digital platform next year.

Despite the concern about data privacy over the years as reports have it that the use of data by big tech companies and general data protection regulation compliance still a challenge for outfits, contact tracing has made people realize its importance.

In their prepared statement, Palo Alto Networks said rigorous contact tracing and time access to accurate and complete data was a key factor in flattening the curve in a number of East Asian countries which utilized digital tools.

The cyber security outfit said the long wait for 5G is over for everyone who are ready. With iPhone12’s availability along with other brands, 5G-enabled devices will flood the market. Telcos will surely deploy new services for consumers and governments tap digital opportunities for economy recovery next year.

“However, it will still be a while before we experience the reduced latency and exponential growth in speed that has been promised,” the statement revealed.

They also predicted working from home will get “smarter and safer.” The year 2020 taught everyone remote working on a company-wide scale is at all possible.

The coming year offers an opportunity for businesses to chart new strategies and ask how they can deliver work to their staff.

“With the increased adoption of cloud tools, we could see a reduction in the need for pricier devices with additional computing power as virtualized desktops become an increasingly popular solution,” the statement further revealed.

Businesses, Palo Alto Networks said “could provide employees with simpler, connected devices that enable employees to access the programmes and resources they need online, delivering the work to them directly and in turn, protect the company’s crown jewels.”

Palo Alto Networks further predicted the coming year would get the house back in order with blue-sky thinking will go out of the window as IT teams go back to basics.

Network security controls remain an important component of cloud security, “an additional layer of identity and access management (IAM) governance is now needed as organizations continue to scale their cloud presence.”

They added their Palo Alto Networks United 43 researchers observed that a single IAM misconfiguration could allow attackers to compromise an entire, massively scaled cloud environment and bypass just about every security control.

The pandemic has steered IT teams far from blue-sky thinking towards more nuts and bolts issues, 2021 will be more businesses shifting their IT focus inward to look at setting the fundamentals right and refocusing on things that are truly significant, even finding ways to do the same thing for less.

“Security now needs to work at the speed of the cloud, and any organization that is slow to recognize this in 2021 will only see vulnerabilities multiply exponentially,” the Palo Alto Network concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

Palo Alto Network Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan (left) and Oscar Visaya, Palo Alto Networks' Country Manager presiding in a virtual press briefing. (Melo M. Acuna)

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