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DoH calls on general public: "BAHAY MUNA!"

Public warned of all-time COVID-19 incidents

MANILA – Against a backdrop of an all-time high single day count of 7,999 cases, the Department of Health (DOH) called on the general public to suspend non-essential travel and ensure strict adherence to minimum public health standards (MPHS) nationwide.

The Advisory released late Saturday night called on the public to stay at home instead of going out and travel to other places. This would reduce contact rate with people outside one’s household.

The DOH said it would be beneficial to everyone to mask at home when not alone. Wearing masks properly and the observance of other preventive strategies and in all settings even at home when living with other persons, particularly the vulnerable.

They also called on the public to ensure adequate air circulation in all households. This could be done by opening windows and using fans to allow increased air flow.

The DOH advised individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to coordinate with their respective Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs) for appropriate management and referral for testing and isolation. The public has been advised to call the One Hospital Command Center through the DOH Hotline 1555 or through 09199773333, 09157777777 and 02 88650500.

The public was advised to go to isolation facilities instead of hospitals, particularly those experiencing mild symptoms as they can be attended to at designated quarantine or isolation facilities.

The DOH assured the public their objective is to ensure care is not affected or delayed for COVID and non-COVID patients. There is a need to ensure that hospitals are not overwhelmed and everyone is expected to act with extreme vigilance and help reduce transmission by adhering to preventive measures and strict compliance with quarantine and isolation protocols. (Melo M. Acuña)

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