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"Don't meddle in our internal affairs," Presidential Spox Roque tells US congressmen

The Philippines has long been independent from the United States. When the Americans colonized uys, it was one of the bloodiest conflicts the world has ever seen where the Americans violated rules and regulations governing combat. They killed a lot of Filipinos, including non-combatants, women and children in Samar. (He was referring to the American reaction to the Balanggiga Massacre).

Having said that, the issue has been brought to the (Supreme) Court. (To the American) congressmen/lawmakers who signed the letter, we have a working judicial system and we can rely on our judicial system to rule on the constitutionality if the Anti-Terror Law. Please don’t meddle in our internal affairs, you are no longer our colonial masters. We are an independent country…”

Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque (File Photo from Tapatan sa Aristocrat's 7th Anniversary presentation/Melo M. Acuna)

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