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Globe adds 5G facilities to Asia and Middle East

Globe increases 5G roaming to Asian and Middle Eastern countries

MANILA – Globe Telecom’s 5G Roaming rollout has reached to more Asian and Middle Eastern countries in its promise to extend #1stWorld Network to its clients.

In a statement released today, Globe said they introduced 5G roaming service to Thailand and the United Arab Emirates and they are set to launch 5G in more parts of Asia and the Middle East to help customers traveling abroad, Filipinos working overseas and foreign visitors in the Philippines.

They will open 5G service to visiting customers of CSL Hong Kong, Singtel of Singapore and Ooredoo of Kuwait. Globe subscribers traveling abroad will have 5G roaming service in South Korea via SK Telecom, Qatar and Kuwait through Ooredoo.

“Our goal in getting the 5G service up in more countries is to make certain that when travel becomes safer and less restricted, our Globe customers will enjoy 5G in more countries worldwide,” said Coco Domingo, Globe’s vice president for Postpaid and International Business.

There are 1,200 areas across the country with the latest generation of wireless technology as its sustained network and modernization efforts resulted in higher 5G footprint for Globe, the statement said.

They look forward to making its 5G services accessible in more Middle Eastern North American, Asian and European countries through its roaming partners. (Melo M. Acuña)

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