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Globe assures government and public of its commitment vs child pornography

Globe Telecom, Inc. supports campaign vs online child pornography

MANILA – Globe Telecom has complied with government requirements to prevent the influx of online child pornography as it complied with rules and regulations which require internet service providers to stand against criminal activity.

In a statement released today, Globe Telecom said since the passage of Republic Act 9775 which took effect. In 2009, they have been supporting government efforts to vigorously combat online child pornography.

They claimed they have blocked a total of 2,521 sites identified by law enforcement agencies and endorsed by the National Telecommunications Commission for blocking or have been identified by the telecom company through their Security Operations Center intelligence.

Globe has invested in a content-filtering system which amounts to US$2.7 million to support its “PlayItRight” advocacy program, targeting illegal and pirated content and online child pornography.

Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio said the filtering software can be viewed as an important initial step but needs more to address the digital ecosystem’s rapid evolution as ISPs like his company cannot win the battle alone.

The illegal sites are hosted in the cloud or off-shore servers and fully encrypted which limits content-based filters. Over 80% of internet is now served through HTTPs or use the SSl encryption.

Illicit activities use different popular social media platforms to make their content accessible. Globe said UNICEF disclosed one of the highly popular platforms used for these content is TikTok because they are easily accessible and shareable to others, impossible to block without blocking the entire platform completely. The government should also pressure social media platforms or content providers to stop delivering this type of content to consumers.

Child pornography is a reprehensible crime that needs to be curtailed as Globe continues to work with government agencies including DICT, DOJ and industry partners including PCTO and UNICEF to protect children from falling victims to this crime. (Melo M. Acuña)

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