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Good Friday ritual seen in Baao

Penitents seen in Baao, Camarines Sur

MANILA – A handful of penitents braved the April sun today, Good Friday, and walked along the national highway carrying wooden crosses from morning until early afternoon as they ended their reenactment of Christ’s passion.

They ended their rituals at the St. Bartholomew parish at the heart the rustic town of Baao in Camarines Sur.

The penitents had their faces covered and have remained unidentified in their traditional Holy Week activity. While there are no crucifixion reenactments as in Pampanga in northern Philippines, the penitents in Baao also engage in flagellation.

Asked for comments, Fr. Louie Occiano, St. Bartholomew parish priest said while the Catholic church respects the penitents’ expression of faith and repentance, they remind the faithful of the teachings.

“Conversion is more meaningful that public display of suffering. Conversion is personal not to show off. It is not seasonal but ongoing,” he said. (Melo M. Acuña)

Penitents say final prayers before the doors of St. Bartholomew Parish Church in Baao, Camarines Sur. (Photos courtesy of Pamela Sotto Balindan)

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