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Indonesian national nabbed with two others

Three arrested in Jolo; suicide bombings foiled

MANILA – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) today said three persons were arrested by a composite team of soldiers and other lawmen from different agencies at 1:50 A.M. today in San Raymundo village, Jolo town in restive Sulu province.

Major General Edgard Arevalo, AFP Spokesman and commander of AFP Education, Training and Doctrine Command quoted reports from the Zamboanga City-based AFP Western Mindanao Command which identified those arrested as Nur-Aina @Inda Nhur, a certain Fatima Sandra Jimlani Jama and one Nana Isirani also known as Renzy Fantasya Rullie alias Cici, said to be an Indonesian national. The trio were said to have links with Ben Quirino Yaah Dawla-Islamiya(DI-ASG) Sub-Leader and Andi/Amin Baso, another Indonesian believed to be a terrorist.

In his statement, Major General Arevalo said Nana Isirani or Renzy Fantasya Rullie alias Cici, is the spouse of Amin Baso. Intelligence reports said Cici was committed to do a suicide bombing mission in Zamboanga City after she has given birth.

Among the materials seized were improvised explosive device vest and bomb-making components including two pieces f container pipe, a piece of 9V battery, a switch button, detonation cord, among others. Had the trio not been arrested, they would have conducted the bombing in densely populated Zamboanga City and affected lives and property.

Major General Arevalo said following instructions from AFP Chief of Staff General Gilbert Gapay immediately after the August 24 suicide bombing in Jolo, the remaining adherents of Dawlah Islamiya-affiliated group have been degraded.

Five active members of the Abu Sayyaf Group have been killed including Andi Baso, an Indonesian extremist and husband to Cici in the company of Samir Nani, another bomb-maker, who was killed last August 29 in Patikul, Sulu and Arbitsar Sawadjaan killed last September 28.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rommel Banlaoi, Chairman of the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism said the arrest of Cici and two others is a great achievement in counterterrorism operation of the Philippine government.

Asked for comments on the AFP statement, Dr. Banlaoi said there is a need to keep those arrested under very strict custody so authorities can acquire more information, partcualrly the whereabouts of other suspected suicide bombers,

“Cici has two other younger siblings who are suspected of having undergone serious brainwashing and trained to conduct suicide missions,” he told this writer.

Cici, according to Prof. Banlaoi, also had a husband said to have been trained for the suicide terrorism.

“If properly handled, the arrest of Cici and others can yield actionable intelligence information that can further prevent suicide terrorist attacks in the country,” he said. It as earned Cici and her two other siblings entered Mindanao months after the Marawi Siege. Their parents were reportedly the ones responsible Zamboanga church bombing.

Prof. Banlaoi said Andi Baso, 21 years old married Rezky Fantasya alias Cici , 17 years old in Sabah before facilitating the illicit travel to Southern Philippines of Rullie Rian Zeke and Ulfha Handayani Saleh, who were said to be responsible for the Jolo Cathedral bombing in 2019.

Asked if it would be better should Cici be turned over to the Indonesian authorities, Dr. Banlaoi said it would depend on Indonesian authorities should they want to repatriate their citizen.

“My suggestion is to keep Cici in the Philippines for authorities to extract the needed information. If Cici will be charged of terrorism cases, she should be detailed in the Philippines,” Banlaoi concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

AFP Spokesperson Major General Edgard A. Arevalo (left) and Professor Rommel Banlaoi (right). (Facebook Photo/Melo Acuna file photo

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