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Misinterpretations and malicious statements hound China Coast Guard law

Chinese Embassy downplays criticisms vs Coast Guard Law

MANILA – The Chinese Embassy in Manila said they “noticed with regret” many false accusations against China on the recently-passed China Coast Guard Law.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, they said the Chinese Coast Guard is an administrative law enforcement agency and the recently-passed law is a “normal legislative activity of China.”

They claimed the law conforms with international conventions and the practices of the international community and claimed such law is not unique to China as it is a sovereign right to all.

The statement disclosed the Philippine Coast Guard Law of 2009 established the PCG as an armed and uniformed service and “none of these laws have been seen as a threat of war.”

The statement added the China Coast Guard law doesn’t’ target any specific country and does not change China’s maritime policy.

“China has always been committed to managing differences with countries including the Philippines through dialogue and consultations and upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea,” according to the Chinese Embassy in Manila statement.

Some quarters in the Philippines misinterpreted the China’s law and even fabricated and resort to fake news including the news item that the “China Coast Guard harassing Filipino fishermen,” even after the denial from concerned authorities including the Armed Forces of the Philippines. (AFP).

“They have also gone as far as to sensationalize the entry of a Chinese scientific survey ship into Philippine waters as an ‘intrusion’. They claimed the Chinese scientific survey ship just sought shelter in Philippine waters due to unfavorable weather and maintained communications with government authorities.

It is normal practice for countries to assist each other on humanitarian grounds.

While the Chinese Embassy says everyone is entitled to Freedom of Speech but it is far different from malicious, irresponsible and baseless accusations “that run counter to common sense, are not acceptable and should not be appeased in a society that believes in the rule of law and international norms as well as mutual respect.” (Melo M. Acuña)

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