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Nation-wide vehicle inspection set to begin

Private vehicles inspection now nationwide; Highway Patrol to raid areas where ECQ violators converge

MANILA – Police authorities across the country have been instructed to check in all private vehicles for possible violation of home quarantine rules.

Joint Task Force COVID-19 Shield commander Lt. General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar said the PNP Chief, General Archie Gamboa has instructed regional directors to check on appropriate measures to ensure home quarantine and social distancing rules are observed at all times.

“The expansion of the operations against these private vehicles which may have Unauthorized Persons Outside Residence (UPOR) inside is part of our Chief PNP’s order to further intensify measures against hardheaded people,” said Lt. General Eleazar in a statement released Sunday afternoon.

Should it be known that private vehicles are driven or carrying unauthorized persons and were out on non-essential travels, General Eleazar said policemen would issue Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP), OVR or Ordinance Violation Receipt and other citation tickets to the drivers.

“All the violators will be penalized,” he added.

Earlier, General Eleazar ordered the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) to conduct mobile checkpoints along EDSA and other major roads of Metro Manila and deploy motorcycle-riding policemen to run after private vehicles after a sudden influx of private vehicles were noted in the area.

HPG Director Brig. General Eliseo Cruz said they already apprehended more than 100 vehicles for violating the ECQ guidelines.

Today, General Eleazar ordered the HPG to conduct operations on a daily basis especially in Metro Manila were most violations take place.

Police operations will also be made in areas where bystanders and local residents usually converge.

The Task Force’s Mobile Command Center will be utilized to monitor and do intelligence-gathering in areas where home quarantine and social distancing rules are not observed. The said facility is a self-contained and integrated command and control vehicle with the latest audio and video communication facilities including drones.

People who will be apprehended will be charged through electronic inquest (e-inquest) of the Department of Justice or through regular filing. (Melo M. Acuña)

Police Lt. General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, Joint Task Force COVID-19 Shield commander. (PNP Photo)

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