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Need for Innovation, cited at PCCI's 46th PBC&E

Innovation, key to move the country forward

MANILA – Former Ambassador Benedict V. Yujuico, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, said instead of postponing the 46th Philippine Business Conference and Exhibition, the Board in its meeting last March 17,2020, they opted to “double down” their activities as the Voice of Business ought to be heard.

“This would be the time that we would be needed the most by our constituency and out country. We realize that we need to be the example of leadership by moving forward, instead of hiding, in the time of crises,” he said in his welcome remarks.

He recalled before the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, he requested the approval and support of the PCCI to approve “INNOVATION” as their national advocacy during his tenure as President. He added he assured the PCCI Board that the word innovation “has the power to move our country forward to the next level.”

Through INNOVATON@PH as the PCCI’s rallying cry to restart the economy and get back to the journey to achieve the country’s national ambition so that by 2040, the Philippines will become a prosperous middle class society where poverty has been minimized if not eradicated, “where people live long and healthy lives and everyone will be smart and innovative!” (Melo M. Acuña)

Amb. Benedicto V. Yujuico. (PCCI File Photo)

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