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PhilHealth CEO downplays "missing funds," says they are liquidating

PhilHealth’s Guierran says “We’re in the process of liquidating our funds.”

MANILA – PhilHealth CEO and President Atty. Dante Guierran said there are no missing funds contrary to public perception.

Speaking at the midday press conference hosted by Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque, Atty. Guierran said they have been mandated by both the Philippine Senate and the House of Representatives to liquidate their funds.

“To date, we have liquidated about 92% of the funds and I will not allow the funds to be misused because this is the people’s money,” he said. He explained he has been with the National Bureau of Investigation as its director. The NBI is the investigation arm of the Department of Justice.

“I will not allow illegal activities under my watch,” he further said.

Asked of PhilHealth’s balance with the Philippine Red Cross which Chairman and Senator Richard Gordon has reached some P605 million, Atty. Guierran said they owe the PRC to the tune of some P400 million.

“I was told there was an advance payment of P100 million during the time of the previous CEO Morales, so our arrears are down to just about P300 million,” he added.

Atty. Guierran said they are looking into reports PhilHealth still owes The Medical City to the tune of over a billion pesos.

He explained they religiously settle their obligations and they have already released some P3.4 billion but payments to hospitals may have been delayed for lack of the necessary supporting papers. The current PhilHealth CEO said he has fielded officials across the country’s regions to help reconcile hospital and PhilHealth records.

Asked how financially stable is PhilHealth, Atty. Guierran said they have the money as they have regular collections and in the event of difficulties in their collection efforts, they have reserve funds amounting to some P132 billion. (Melo M. Acuna)

Melo M. Acuña)

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