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Provisions of Anti-Terror Act contrary to 1987 Constitution, says Nagkaisa

Workers’ group disappointed with President Duterte’s signing of Anti-Terrorism Bill

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte failed his oath of office to preserve and defend the Constitution as he opted to sign “a highly unconstitutional act of Congress.”

In an indignation online rally by the Movement Against the Terror Act (MATA), the workers and their unions under th Nagkaisa Labor Coalition expressed their disappointment with President Duterte’s failure to reject an unconstitutional proposal.

“He allowed himself to be seduced by the indecent seduction of more power to the executive department,” the statement said.

For workers the war against terrorism must address its roots which is poverty and social exclusions, “Ayudang sapat sa mamamayan hindi diktadura ninoman ang kailangan ng Sambayanan!

The Nagkaisa which includes the Federation of Free Workers will march to the Supreme Court beginning Monday to remind the president and Congress that the fundamental law is supreme over the Anti-Terrorism Act 2020.

The group said the chief executive missed the historic opportunity to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution. “He was a former prosecutor and not ignorant that only a judge can issue a warrant of arrest under the 1987 Constitution (Salazar vs Achacoso),” they claimed.

They added President Duterte “lost his golden moment in history, a chance to greatness, to heal our land and inspire unity.”

“Section 9 (inciting to commit terrorism) is contrary to our freedom of expression under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution while Sections 29 (detention without judicial warrant) runs afoul to the principles of separation of powers and infringes the right of citizens to be secure against unreasonable arrest,” the statement concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

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