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Ship captain's life saved

Russian Embassy thanks Philippine government

MANILA – The Russian Embassy in the Philippines acknowledged the “swift and decisive actions” of the Philippine Government in immediately attending to Captain Alexander Solodyannikov, a Russian national who had an attack of still unknown respiratory syndrome.

In a Facebook post last night, the Embassy said the ship’s doctor aboard Asphalt Transporter could not help him and with the ongoing COVID-19 scare, no country would allow him to disembark and be admitted to a hospital.

“The Government of the Philippines responded to the Embassy’s request despite the lockdown and quarantine measures and allowed the Captain to be taken off the ship to a medical center in Manila,” the Embassy said.

It will be recalled President Rodrigo Duterte declared a Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine last March 16 and will probably be lifted on April 30 should the situation improves.

It was learned Captain Solodyannikov was not looking well for some time “but now he is safe.”

It was learned the ship was en route to Australia and had evacuated the ship’s captain in General Santos City and later to a hospital in Manila.

The Embassy added they are extending sincere appreciation to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines for and on behalf of Captain Solodyannikov’s family and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

A follow-up with Natalia Linovitskaya, Russian Embassy’s Press Attachè, she said the patient is getting better and now undergoing treatment.

“We hope he will be discharged soon,” Ms. Linovitskaya said in an SMS to this writer.

As of 4:00 P.M. today, the Department of Health reported 4.195 COVID-19 positive cases with 140 recoveries and 221 deaths. (Melo M. Acuña)

An unidentified Filipino medical practitioner attends to. Russian ship Captain Alexander Solodyannikov (right) after being allowed to disembark in General Santos City in Mindanao yesterday. He was immediately brought to Manila for further medical evaluation. (Russian Embassy Photo)

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