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Sinovac executive says vaccine is effective in health care workers

Sinovac gives 100% protection against fatal cases

MANILA – Hong Kong-based Sinovac Biotech General Manager Helen Yang today said the test they conducted in Brazil was the first and currently the only trial conducted among health-care workers exposed to COVID-19 patients worldwide.

Speaking from Hong Kong at a briefing hosted by Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque at midday today, Miss Yang said the test was conducted at a very high-risk group in what she described as “complex and endemic environment” where healthcare workers were exposed to COVID-19 patients.

“This has been done like a stress test in the worst scenario,” she said. Despite the extreme conditions, the vaccine showed 100% protection and prevented fatal cases and severe cases that would require hospital confinement.

“Sinovac provided 80& protection in preventing mild cases which would no longer require any medical intervention,” Miss Yang explained. She maintained Sinovac vaccines are good for medical workers with exposure to COVID-19.

She underscored Sinovac vaccines are good for medical workers with exposure to COVID-19.

“As a matter of fact, among the countries that are using our vaccines include Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Thailand among others with medical workers among the priority groups that would receive the jab,” she added.

Miss Yang said SinoVac started their production last August and September and they have already produced over a hundred million doses which China would need along with other countries.

Asked if her company plans to produce vaccines outside of China, Ms. Yang said they plan to produce vaccines in foreign countries as part of their long-term development strategy.

“We are working with Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia that we ship to them ready to fill the box and they can do the local filling, packaging and testing of the vaccine and that will shorten the time for delivery. I think going for long term, we do expect to be more internationalize the company to have a foreign site,” she added.

Sinovac is a Beijing-based publicly-listed company and in 2019, had US$230 million in revenues where 10-15% have been appropriate for research and development. (Melo M. Acuña)

Hong Kong-based Sinovac Biotech General Manager Helen Yang. (Screen grab from Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque's press briefing/Melo M. Acuna)

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