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Tanduay rums continuously recognized for quality and taste

Tanduay tops China’s Top Wines and Spirits Challenge

MANILA – The Philippines’ Tanduay rums have been recognized continuously by leading prestigious international wines and spirits award-giving bodies. Quite recently, two of its two. Products garnered top honors in the largest and most influential wines and spirits competition in China, the G100 International Wine & Spirits Awards.

Tanduay Double Rum was presented a gold award while Tanduay Rum Gold was conferred a silver award in the competition which selects the best quality and most cost-effective wines for the Chinese markt while promoting them to buyers across the country.

“This is a huge honor coming from one of China’s most prestigious awards. We are extremely grateful for the recognition and will continue to work hard to provide our consumers with only the best products,” said Tanduay Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing Paul Lim.

Tanduay Double Rum is one of Tanduay’s most internationally-awarded products. The sipping rum belongs to the cognac level of spirits. It is a blend of two aged reserves (16-year old rum and 5-year-old rum) that are further aged in the bareel for another two years. It is produced in small batches and has a minimum run of only 5,000 bottles per production, making it a truly premium product.

Meanwhile, the Tanduay Rum Gold is also one of Tanduay’s top products garnering international awards. It has already received 7 Monde Selection International Medals and has also won Gold in the International Review of Spirits and a Silver in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018, among others.

A bit earlier, Tanduay was declared the World’s Number one Rum by Drinks International magazine for the third consecutive year.(Melo M. Acuña)

The awards from China's G100 International. Wine and Spirits Award. (Photo from Eggshell)

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