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US policies towards China, South China Sea would likely remain the same

No significant changes in American policies toward Asia, South China Sea and other areas

MANILA – The United States of America with its 46th President, former Vice President Joe Biden who will be inaugurated come January 20,2021, will not bring any significant change in its policies towards China, the South China Sea among others.

Although President Biden’s administration will be more well-mannered that outgoing President Donald Trump’s, it will pursue basic issues anchored on the freedom of navigation within the South China Sea.

Political experts said President Biden is consensus-driven but would remain as tough as defeated President Donald Trump.

UP College of Law Senior Associate Dean Jay Batongbacal said incoming President Biden is a veteran lawmaker and would know how to tap potential members of the official family. Speaking at a forum hosted by the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines, Atty. Batongbagal said more people will be brought “to bear in the problems worldwide.”

Speaking at the same event, Southeast Asia expert Carl Thayer, emeritus professor said there would be lesser pressure on different countries to take sides in the continuing US-China tensions.

Thayer, a professor emeritus on politics and visiting fellow at the University of South Wales, sees the American alliance with Japan and South Korea would be less antagonistic under President-elected Biden. He foresees “informal talks over coffee” with stakeholders to unite democracy loving countries. (Melo M. Acuña)

United States' 46th President Joe Biden. (Contributed Photo)

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