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Cases still more than 16,000 today

DOH reports 16,044 news cases today

MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) today reported 16,044 of COVID-19 positive cases after 65,583 tests were conducted bring to 15.5% positivity rate. There were 13,925 recoveries and 215 fatalities.

Nationwide, 73% of 4.1K ICU beds have been utilized while 71% of 1.4K ICU beds in the National Capital Region have been used.

The Department of Health reported of the 20.2K isolation beds have been used nationwide while of the 4.7K isolation beds have been in use at the National Capital Region.

Of the ward beds, our of 14,3K beds across the country, 66% have been utilized while of the 4.1K beds in the National Capital Region, 72% have been used.

Speaking of ventilators, from 3.1K nationwide, 51% have been used while out of Metro Manila’s 1.1K ventilators, 56% have been used as of today. (Melo M. Acuña)

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