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Chinese and Filipino health experts meet as COVID-19 cases rose to 3,660

Chinese medical experts and Filipino health officials meet as COVID-19 cases rise

MANILA – Chinese medical experts send to the Philippines yesterday met with ranking Department of health officials in Manila this afternoon. Sources at the Department of Health and eyewitness accounts disclosed the Chinese medical experts were briefed on the current situation in the Philippines.

The foreign doctors who came from Fujian province have worked in Hubei province. The medical officials have also undergone quarantine upon their return from their medical work in the COVID-19 epicenter.

Another coordination meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow. While in the Philippines, the Chinese medical experts will be working with Filipino-Chinese doctors at the Chinese General Hospital and Metropolitan Medical Center.

As of 4:00 P.M., today, the Department of Health listed 414 news cases from 3,246 to 3,660 with an increase of 12.75% compared to the 7.55% noted yesterday. The number of deaths decreased from 11.78% to 7.23% with 11 new deaths reported today for a total of 163.

Nine patients were reported to have recovered and brought the figures to 73. (Melo M. Acuña(

Chinese health experts (left) talk with Filipino health officials during their meeting earlier this afternoon. (Screen grab from CCTV Asia Pacific)

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