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Face shield, a necessity in fight vs COVID-19

Face shields to stay

MANILA – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque today said face shields will be a more permanent fixture in the country’s approach to contain COVID-19 infection among the 110 million population.

Speaking at the regular Malacañang Press Briefing, Secretary Roque said studies have been conducted proved a combination of using face masks and shields may be comparable to having a jab.

“Even though it may entail additional expense, face shields have become cheaper and more affordable to Filipinos. Most Filipinos have face shields in their possession.” Secretary Roque added. He explained previously face shields cost a significant sum but today’s Filipino families have affordable face shields in their possession.

Dr. Edsel Salvaña, a graduate of UP College of Medicine and an American trained molecular biologist, said there’s an article at the Journal of American Medical Association which conducted a study on face shields on health care workers in India where they found 50 of the hospital’s personnel who did not use face shields logged COVID-19 positive.

“When they started using face shields, nobody got COVID-19. So, that’s the prospective data that supports face shield use. There’s also a paper from The Lancet Infectious Diseases which showed the impact of using face shields as they decrease the risk by about 85%.

He also called on the audience to utilize surgical and medical grade masks and adhere to strict social and health protocols and keep COVID-19. (Melo M. Acuña)

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (left) and American-trained Filipino microbiologist Dr. Edsel Salvaña. (Screen Grab from Presidential Press Briefing/PTV4/Melo M. Acuna)

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