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Filipinos among frontline workers in the United Kingdom

Hundreds of Filipinos found to have COVID-19

MANILA – The Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James Antonio Manuel R. Lagdameo that there have been 675 COVID-19 cases within the Filipino community in the United Kingdom from 200,000 population.

Speaking from London during the Malacanang Press Briefing at midday today, Ambassador Lagdameo said 525 have recovered while 57 died. He added from the 18,000 Filipinos in Ireland, there were 63 who got infected and 57 of them recovered. Ambassador Lagdameo reported two fatalities due to COVID-19.

Asked about the prevailing conditions in the United Kingdom, Ambassador Lagdameo said British authorities have set-up a facility for the National Health Service employees when they get infected with the coronavirus. He said the NHS has the largest number of people infected with the virus because they come in close contact with patients.

“However, they are adequately taken cared of within the organization and they have personal protective equipment (PPEs) and everything is assured of getting it so they can be kept as safe as possible,” Ambassador Lagdameo concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James Antonio Manuel R. Lagdameo. (Screen Grab form PTV4)

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