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Government employees severely affected by COVID-19

Hundreds of government employees succumb to COVID-19

MANILA – The dreaded COVID-19 claimed the lives of 1,283 government employees from national government agencies, constitutional bodies, government-owned and controlled corporations, state universities and colleges, local government units and local water districts.

Speaking at the 5th Anniversary presentation of the weekly Wednesday Roundtable @ Lido Civil Service Commission Asst. Commissioner Rodolfo Encajonado said a total of 90,739 employees contracted the virus as of latest reports reaching their office as of April 20,2021. The bulk of those who were afflicted with the virus came from national government agencies (52,322), local government units (29,768), government-owned and controlled corporations had 5,218 while state universities and colleges reported 2,724, local water districts reported 377 and constitutional bodies had 339 cases.

“It was also reported 78,811 or 86.85% recovered while there are still 10,645 active cases or 11.73%,” he added.

The Civil Service Office added the reports came from 3,376 agencies nationwide.

Bayan Muna Party List Rep. Ferdinand Gaite said government employees find it hard to address the challenge brought about by the pandemic.

“There will be problems, long-term problems further complicated by COVID-19,” the former COURAGE president said. He explained government employees find it hard to adjust to the current conditions because not everyone can work from home as there are others who need to physically report for work, though on staggered basis.

He explained there will always be complications from the transport, economic and other additional expenses. Even the fully recovered patients need to be careful especially if the concerned individuals had comorbidities.

“Government employees who work from home also need to spend for internet connections for their children to attend the blended learning modules online,” he said.

Asst. Commissioner Encajonado said immediately after the government declared lockdowns last year, the Civil Service Commission issued its guidelines for alternative work arrangements which they revised several times to protect the civil servants from possible harm.

“We may have to revise the earlier guidelines as variants have made their presence felt,” he added. There have been privileges given (Melo M. Acuña)

Civil Service Commission's Asst. Commissioner Rodolfo Encajonado (left) and Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdinand Gaite during Wednesday Roundtable @ Lido's 5th Anniversary Presentation. (Melo M. Acuna)

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