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Intelligent car now a reality

First ever intelligent vehicle associated with Huawei Inside launched

MANILA – The first vehicle with Huawei’s intelligent automotive solution was launched today at the 2021 ARCFOX Brand Night and New Product Launch in Shanghai. The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI is the first mass-produced vehicle which feature autonomous driving for urban roads and acknowledged as a new global benchmark for autonomous driving.

In a statement, it said Huawei is a provider for new components for intelligent vehicles that works closely with car OEMs through the Huawei Inside model to build high-quality intelligent vehicles, more than 30 intelligent components and five intelligence systems such as Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Cockpit, mPower, Intelligent Connectivity, and Intelligent Vehicle Cloud.

The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI is the first premium intelligent electric vehicle co-branded with Huawei Inside (HI). With partnerships such the ARCFOX-S HI, Huawei has promised to use its 30-pluys years of experience in ICT to help OEMs come up with better intelligent cars and boost China’s automotive industry to evolve in the latest cutting-edge areas such as intelligent and autonomous driving.

According to the statement, the ARCFOX Alpha-S HI will become the world’s first commercial vehicle with autonomous driving for urban roads due to Huawei’s full-stack automated driving system (ADS). The car will be able to navigate itself through heavy traffic urban terrain, high-speed roads, and parking lots.

It will recognize and analyze a wide array of road features from traffic lights to oncoming traffic. The vehicle can operate without instruction to any situation from going straight, turning, and stopping for pedestrians and other objects, to navigating on- and off-ramps and unprotected turns.

At intersections sans left-turn waiting areas, it is able to adjust its route to turn left safely based on analysis of ongoing traffic and other vehicles turning left. The Automated Driving System (ADS) is equipped with self-learning technologies to constantly self-evolve, increasing its intelligence according to actual experience to become the idea driver.

However, the statement disclosed the full-stack ADS was specifically adapted to China’s complex roads and transportation systems to provide its users with better driving experience “across all scenarios.” The ADS will also support the continuous optimization and iteration through over-the-air (OTA) updates to provide its users the new and exciting features and keep up with quickly evolving urban use cases. (Melo M. Acuña)

ARCFOX and Huawei officials at the launch of an automobile with Huawei's intelligent automotive solution. (Huawei supplied photos)

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