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Seventy more Filipinos request for repatriation from Afghanistan

Thirteen Filipinos flee from Afghanistan

MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs today said an additional of 13 Filipinos were able to flee troubled Afghanistan for the United Kingdom. There are now 18 Filipinos in the United Kingdom.

The Philippine Embassy at the Court of St. James was reported to expedite the Filipinos’ return to Manila at the soonest time.

The Philippine government has extended its appreciation to the Government of Indonesia for helping five Filipinos who sought shelter in the Indonesian Embassy in Kabul and were also accommodated on an Indonesian military flight.

The DFA estimates around 81 Filipinos are still in Afghanistan and 70 of them are requesting repatriation. (Melo M. Acuña)

File photo of Filipinos who fled Afghanistan on their return to the Philippines the other day. (DFA Photo)

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