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Undocumented Filipinos from Sabah on the way home

Secretary Galvez says Zamboanga prepared to welcome undocumented Filipinos from Sabah

MANILA – Chief Implementer Secretary Carlito Galvez said Filipino officials have prepared for the homecoming of at least 5,300 undocumented Filipino migrants in Sabah.

Speaking at the midday press briefing at Malacañang Palace, Secretary Galvez said he visited the place recently and agreed to accept at least 400 Filipinos per sortie with an interval of 15 days.

He explained this was to avoid overwhelming facilities in Zamboanga City.

“We are thankful to the authorities in Zambaonga City who agreed to process the returning Filipinos,” Secretary Galvez said.

He added he left behind an amount so that all the returning Filipinos will be subjected to COVID-19 screening in Sabah before their departure.

“There are Bureau of Quarantine, Department of Foreign Affairs and other agencies to supervise the PCR testing,” Secretary Galvez added.

He reported the team has already processed more than 1,500 individuals and this will go on. The first trip will stopover in Tawi-Tawi where residents from the province would disembark. They will later proceed to Zamboanga for further testing through the PCR.

“We will have to see if the protocols observed in Malaysia are the same with what we have in the Philippines,” Secretary Galvez concluded. (Melo M. Acuña)

Secretary Carlito Galvez at the Malacanang Press briefing at midday today.

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