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US calls on Myanmar's military to grant full access to ASEAN's special envoy

U.S. welcomes appointment of ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar; will engage civil society

MANILA – The United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said her government strongly welcomes the appointment of Brunei’s second minister for foreign affairs as ASEAN’s special envoy to Myanmar.

In a teleconference late Wednesday afternoon, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said they call on the military to extend full access to all stakeholders when ASEAN special envoy Erywan Yusof visits Myanmar “as he requested.”

“We urge ASEAN members to act quickly to hold the military accountable to the Five-Point Consensus and to engage all parties, including pro-democracy leaders,” she said in response to this writer’s question on the US government’s take on ASEAN position on Myanmar.

She added the United States continues to engage with Myanmar’s “full range” of civil society, pro-democracy groups that seek to restore democratic governance. The US Ambassador to the United Nations admitted there were recent conversations between U.S. officials and representatives of the national unity government where efforts were outlined to promote what she described as diverse and unified vision of federal democracy in Myanmar.

“The U.S. will continue to support all those working peacefully to restore Myanmar to the path of democracy and urge the military to cease its violent actions and release all those who have been urgently detained,” she added.

Earlier, during her official visit to Thailand, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced her country’s provision of more than US$50 million in humanitarian assistance to the people of Burma which include those forced to flee violence and persecution.

“This aid will enable our international and non-governmental organization partners to provide emergency food assistance, lifesaving protection, shelter, essential health care, water, sanitation, and hygiene services to the people of Burma.

She also announced her government’s US$5 million aid to help Thailand in its fight against COVID-19. (Melo M. Acuña)

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield. (US Department of State Photo)

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