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World Bank issues public apology, takes down report on its website

World Bank issues public apology

MANILA – Several days after Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones asked for a public apology over a release of a report sans courtesy and coordination with the Department of Education, the World Bank issued its public apology earlier today.

“We deeply regret that the report on education was inadvertently published earlier than scheduled and before the Department of Education had enough change to provide inputs. This was an oversight on our part, and we conveyed our personal apologies in our communication with the government,” the statement read.

The same statement disclosed they recognized the inadvertent release of the report, “we have taken steps to temporarily remove it from the website.”

The World Bank added they are aware of the Department’s efforts and programs to address the challenge of education quality.

“We agree with the Department that the issue of quality has a long historical context, and support its demonstrated commitment to resolve it decisively. We have reached out to Secretary Briones on this matter and look forward to continuing our dialogue with the Department of Education on the opportunities and challenges in the education sector,” the statement concluded.

There are two pending loans up for discussion between the World Bank and the Philippine Government.

Last Tuesday, at the virtual Malacañang Press Briefing, Secretary Briones said the loans, one to enhance the capacity of the teachers worth US$110 million and the other for Alternative Learning System worth US$100 million.

Asked if the Department of Education will continue the negotiations, Secretary Briones said World Bank should first issue its public apology. (Melo M. Acuña)

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